Never Too Late

“I wish I had time to do this, I wish I had done that,” while you keep making all these wishes, you won’t realize how full your basket of wishes is. In the midst of it all, all your wishes get mixed up and you get all confuse about which of it you want to do first. Better still, you might never get to the time you so want to achieve those To-do lists.

So many of us wish to do so many things before we get to that frail stage in our life, but we keep postponing; either because of time or financial reasons. Some of these things might be short term or long term. There is what is called to-do list on every smartphone now. Before the introduction of this to-do list on phones, there is the manual. For the manual, what you need is a book, be it jotter, diary; just something to put down the things you want to do for a day, week or for a specific period of time.

Many of us complain about having little or no time for fun, either solo, with a friend or with someone special. We get so engrossed with our daily activities that even the twenty-four clock, seven days is not enough for us.

At one point I used to believe having such jotter or penning down what you need to do was a reflection of your level of reasoning. Probably the reason anyone will need to write or scribble things down is because of their low IQ or sense of forgetfulness.

During the lockdown I was on call with a friend, while talking about things to do I realized I have so many things I am yet to do. So many things I knew I should have done. But I kept telling myself “I will” when it is convenient for me.

Many of us lives are on routine, nothing special or adventurous. Wake up, go to work, come back home to sleep and wake up the next day to do the same thing; all through the week, weeks turn to month, before you know it, you have the complete 365/366 days in a year.

There is little or no social outing, either it’s not one of your personality traits or the money is not there for such side attractions. You keep “hustling” day in, day out waiting for the big break to catch some fun finally.

Don’t live your life to regrets why you never got to do some things at your youthful age. I’m not saying get care less and not be focus. I’m saying learn to be flexible, like a friend of mine would always say “Stop tightening your chest” by doing those things that you have been contemplating on. Those things you wished to do.

The lock down got people to start thinking and evaluating their lives, which why most people kept asking “what will be the first thing they will do when the lock down is over.”

As much as we all are stayed home because it was made compulsory for us to, not out of our freewill, most of us have come to appreciate the time we get to spend with our family members. Now the lockdown is over, I hope we get to appreciate our time of freedom and exploit more.

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Creating footprints in the world of Creativity!

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Oluwaseun Ekundayo

Oluwaseun Ekundayo

Creating footprints in the world of Creativity!

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